who is kiki chanel?

Kiki Chanel (born June 9, 1983) is a Los Santos based businesswoman, socialite, television and media personality, philanthropist, and fashion icon. She is the owner of Kiki’s Organic Clothing, a Ponsonby’s subsidiary, and is famous for her bombastic personality, and potential possession by a demonic spirit.

Who is Kiki in GTA RP?

Kiki Chanel is the owner of KOC (Kiki’s Organic Clothing), a self-proclaimed fashionista. She is role-played by MiltonTPike1.

What disease does Kiki Chanel have?

We want to introduce you to Kiki. She was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Thanks to a new program, this 5-year-old athlete will get to train so she can someday compete in the Special Olympics. Cindy Wilcox Seiler and 910 others like this.

What happened to Kiki Chanel?

Jessie then drew her own firearm as Kiki said she was going to murder the both of them, and shot Kiki in the back 3 times, as she fell almost 5 stories to the ground below.

What is Stan the water man?

Stanley “Stan” Wheeler, most known by his nickname “Stan the Waterman”, claims that he is a 39-year-old virgin to some, while at other times lamenting his lost family. He appears somewhat socially awkward and has a personal mission to hydrate the public.