where to use shimmer eyeshadow?

Pop pearly shimmer onto the brow-bone and inner corner for a fresh, youthful gleam. Get glam in the evening! Shimmer looks stunning under low lighting. Shimmer shadows are generally easy to blend and can be buffed onto the entire lid to create a wash of sheeny color.

Where do you apply shimmer eyeshadow?

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What is shimmer eyeshadow used for?

Shimmer eyeshadow is a type of cosmetic that is applied to the eyelids, brow bone, and corners of the eyes. Shimmer eyeshadow contains small particles that reflect the light, as opposed to matte eyeshadow, which does not.

How do you use shimmer eyeshadow palette?

By using a less dense brush, you’ll get a softer result, including the shimmer, and you can get a wet-looking lid while you’re at it. Fingertips also work well for applying a shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid, as the fingertip’s warmth helps to spread and really diffuse the edges for a one-and-done look.

Should I wear matte or shimmer eyeshadow?

Light shimmery shadows will emphasise, whilst matte tones will add shadow and definition. Bearing this in mind, if you place shimmer on the centre points of your eye it will attract attention to the iris. If you want to give definition to an area, e.g. the socket or lash line, opt for a dark matte eyeshadow.

Can you wear shimmer eyeshadow to work?

If you’re wondering how far you can go with your makeup, Mavi says just look around. If your boss comes to work looking like Nicki Minaj, then you can probably get away with shimmery lids and a trendy lip shade. Don’t go strong on more than one feature at a time.

Should eyeshadow go up to your eyebrow?

Step 5: Using the light eyeshadow color, apply to the brow bone area. You want it to be right under the eyebrows but above the crease. Lastly, apply it to the inner corner of the eye.