what’s 4d mascara?

Infused with actual fibers in the formula, 4D eyelash mascaras are revolutionary and a marvel of the makeup world. 4D silk fiber eyelash mascaras will change how you feel about your eyelashes and once you start using them you will never go back.

What does 4D mascara mean?

This new launch is also a fiber mascara, which features Younique’s Y‑shaped fibers, as well as a two-sided brush, to coat each lash and deliver volume, length and lift. There’s four-dimensional coverage, hence the name. It’s a one-step process so there’s no need for a lash primer.

Is 4D Mascara any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars All in one! I love make up and I’m always trying to keep up with what’s news in the market and mascaras with fiber are the THING now. This is a really good one, it gave my lashes a really long and curly look with volume. Every you want in one single mascara and the best part (for me) it’s waterproof!

What is 3D mascara?

3D fiber mascaras are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. They are suitable for sensitive eyes and even contact lens wearers. The mascaras are made of natural ingredients like beeswax and green tea microfibers. It helps add volume as well as nourish your lashes. These fiber mascaras are affordable, unlike false lashes.

Is all 4D mascara waterproof?

CLUMP FREE: The smooth and creamy mascara sweeps across all lashes without clumping, flaking, or drying out. … WATERPROOF &amp, LONG LASTING: This waterproof and long-lasting Mascara formula ensures that your eyelashes stay gorgeously long, thick and voluminous all day through rain, tears, and sweat.

Is 4D silk fiber mascara safe?

The Votala Volume Long Mascara is a 4D silk fiber eyelash mascara that provides you with instant length and volume on your eyelashes. The mascara is made using non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the eyes and protects them from any type of irritation.

How do you use 4D mascara?

Using your thumb to kind of push it and you’re gonna do that and drag it through to the end of your