what to do with eye pencil?

It on step 6 repeat on your other eye drawing a line. And then lower lid to match your first time

Can eye pencil be used as Kajal?

You are probably thinking eye kajal pencil is the safest bet. … Also know that a velvety kajal eye pencil can be smudged with your fingertip to create a sensational smokey-eye effect. Using the tip of your finger to create a sensationally stunning smokey-eye effect.

Can I use an eye pencil as a lip pencil?

Can eyeliner be used as a lip liner? Yes, as others have mentioned, you can use eyeliner as lip liner. It’s better to use a creamy shadow eyeliner near your natural lip skin tone or to match your lipstick shade.

Where do you put pencil eyeliner?

Typically, you’ll apply pencil liner to the lower lash line after you’ve already applied eyeshadow and liner to the upper lash line. Make sure there’s no fallout around your lower lash line. If there is, gently wipe it away using a cotton swab so that you start with a fresh, clean base.

What do you do with white eyeliner?

Before you apply your regular concealer just dab the liner over your blemish. And blend. The white

What is Surma?

Kohl (surma) has been defined as an eye preparation in ultra fine form of specially processed “Kohl Stone” (galena) incorporated with some other therapeutically active ingredients. [1] It has been claimed to keep the eyes cool and clean, improve vision and strengthen the eyes.

How do you apply pencil eyeliner?

Don’t stretch your skin too much it can make the eyeliner messy and uneven when you release. It.