what is eyeliner pen?

How do you use a eyeliner pen?

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Which is better eyeliner pen or pencil?

In pretty much all cases, liquid eyeliner is darker and more richly pigmented than pencil. Because of this, a stroke of eyeliner delivers bold, look-at-me lines. Perfect for dramatic looks. Team liquid with a pencil eyeliner to build intensity for a smokey eye.

How long does an eyeliner pen last?

Liquid eyeliners present the same concerns as mascara, so they should be replaced every three to six months. Eyeliner pencils, however, should last you up to two years. Sharpen your pencil with each use to keep it fresh.

What is the cost of eyeliner pen?

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Is it okay to use pen as eyeliner?

It is not safe to use sharpie as eyeliner. It can cause infection, allergic or irritant reactions,” Dr. Shari Sperling, a board-certified dermatologist, shares with Bustle. “Eyeliners are tested in labs to make sure the products are safe to use on the eyes.

Is pen safe for eyeliner?

Permanent marker is a no-no for the eyes. Not only are the chemicals dangerous near the eyes (alcohol is a main ingredient), but the pigment is very hard to remove without increasing your chances of damaging the eyelids and eyes permanently.