what is eye pencil used for?

Eye liner can be drawn above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both, even on the water lines of the eyes. Its primary purpose is to make the lashes look lush, but it also draws attention to the eye and can enhance or even change the eye’s shape.

How do u use an eye pencil?

Run it back and forth on your hands several times to warm it and it will glide on smoothly. Step 3

Is eyeliner or eye pencil better?

In pretty much all cases, liquid eyeliner is darker and more richly pigmented than pencil. Because of this, a stroke of eyeliner delivers bold, look-at-me lines. Perfect for dramatic looks. Team liquid with a pencil eyeliner to build intensity for a smokey eye.

Is eye pencil bad for your eyes?

Sood-Mendiratta advises against keeping eye products for longer than about three months. “If the mascara or eyeliner is old, this increases the chances that bacteria or fungus have contaminated it. If any of this gets introduced directly into your eye, you could end up with a serious eye infection,” she says.

What are the benefits of eyeliner?

5 advantages of using liquid eyeliner
  • Staying power. “Longevity is the biggest advantage of a liquid liner,” explains Armand. …
  • It will make your eyes bigger. …
  • Sharpen up. …
  • Added shape. …
  • Get creative.

How do you apply eye pencil for beginners?

Focus mostly on the lashes. And keep this line nice and thin. And there you go. This is almost an

Why can’t I put eyeliner on my waterline?

If your eyeliner won’t adhere to your waterline, it’s probably too hard or dry. It’s best to use a gel eyeliner under your eyes or even in your waterline occasionally, because it’s softer and spreads easily. Makeup artists always use more than one eyeliner product and method for a full eye look.