what is eye pencil for?

What do you use eye pencil for?

It on step 6 repeat on your other eye drawing a line. And then lower lid to match your first time

What are the benefits of eyeliner?

5 advantages of using liquid eyeliner
  • Staying power. “Longevity is the biggest advantage of a liquid liner,” explains Armand. …
  • It will make your eyes bigger. …
  • Sharpen up. …
  • Added shape. …
  • Get creative.

What is better eyeliner or pencil?

Liquid eyeliner, applied with a brush, produces a more intense and defined line for a dramatic makeup look. Pencils produce a softer line and are used for smudging or blending which creates a more natural look. Because applying a fine line with a brush requires some skill, many people find pencils more user-friendly.

Is pencil eyeliner good for beginners?

Pick Pencil

If you’re new to the eyeliner game, you might be overwhelmed by all your options. … Because it’s the easiest and a great starting point for eyeliner beginners. A smooth pencil glides on easily, doesn’t tug, and is more forgiving with shaky hands than liquid or gel.

Can I use an eyebrow pencil as eyeliner?

Fortunately, an eyebrow pencil can be used the same way as a pencil eye liner. Sharpen your eyebrow pencil. Having a sharp pencil will make putting your eyebrow pencil onto your eye lid much easier. … Try to keep the line as straight as possible, following the contour of your eyelid.

Why can’t I put eyeliner on my waterline?

If your eyeliner won’t adhere to your waterline, it’s probably too hard or dry. It’s best to use a gel eyeliner under your eyes or even in your waterline occasionally, because it’s softer and spreads easily. Makeup artists always use more than one eyeliner product and method for a full eye look.