what is eye lens surgery?

During a lens replacement procedure, the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) in order to reduce refractive error and improve focus. In doing so, the patient should have significantly reduced the need for glasses or no longer need them at all.

WHAT IS lens surgery?

Lens replacement surgery, also sometimes called refractive lens exchange, involves surgically replacing the eye’s natural lens with an artificial implant, or IOL (intraocular lens). At OCL, it can be carried out manually or with the use of a high precision femtosecond laser.

How is eye lens operation done?

An opening is made through the capsule of the lens. And an ultrasound probe is used to break the

How long does it take to recover from lens replacement surgery?

Depending on the specific lens replacement procedure that you undergo, recovery time ranges from two to eight weeks. Certain corrective benefits may not be immediately realized as you adjust to an entirely new way of seeing, and there will be a period of blurriness.

How much does eye lens surgery cost?

While glasses and contact lenses require ongoing costs, laser eye surgery is a one-time investment.

Laser Eye Surgery Costs.
Treatment Cost range (per eye)
ICL $4,700 – $6,200
Cataracts $4,600 – $6,000

Will I need glasses after lens replacement?

Mayo Clinic explains that most people still need to wear glasses, at least for some activities, following cataract surgery. Your vision should be greatly improved, but you will still need to get a new prescription for your glasses.

Does eye lens replacement hurt?

Lens replacement surgery itself is not painful, as your eyes are anaesthetised with numbing drops. When these wear off you will feel some discomfort, but in the vast majority of cases this reduces quickly as your recovery progresses.