what eyeshadow suits me?

How do I know what eyeshadow suits me?

And I would kind of stick to brown eyes hazel eyes and possibly green blacks and browns these are

How do I choose the right eyeshadow palette?

It’s never a good idea to buy a palette just because it contains one perfect shade. Make sure it has a good mix of colors and textures that tie in with one another: a light and a dark shade, a neutral, and one with shimmer. Stick to the basics. The most useful eye-shadow palettes are nude and smoky.

What Colour of eye shadow should I wear?

Look for shades that are in the same color family like lavender, violet, and plum or beige, soft brown, and deep brown. You also want to have a light, medium, and dark shade. These colors will complement each other while still offering enough variation for your eye makeup to really stand out.

Should I use warm or cool eyeshadow?

Warmer skin tones beg for warm colors. Just like for cool tones, the warm side of the color wheel is a great resource. Bronze, rust or orange shades are colors you should keep an eye out for, as these will complement your skin tone the best.

What color eyeshadow should brown eyes wear?

Green, gold, purple, and grey eyeshadow colors are almost always a home run for brown eyes.