what eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes?

All shades of purple, from eggplant to lavender, work on brown eyes because it brings out the truest brown color in your irises,” says Ungaro. That’s not all, the soft contrast of purple can make the whites of your eyes appear brighter, making you look more awake.

What color makes brown eyes pop out?

How to make brown eyes pop. With rich brown eyes, the contrast of shades like cobalt blue, teal and turquoise will make your eyes instantly pop. While coppery golden tones are great for highlighting and enhancing your natural brown eyes, particularly when paired with a neutral base.

What eyeshadow colors look best on brown eyes?

Green, gold, purple, and grey eyeshadow colors are almost always a home run for brown eyes.

How do you make brown eyes pop out?

Contrasting shades like pink, purple, or blue will make your eyes appear a richer, deeper brown, while earthy tones like greens or golden shimmers will bring out the amber in your eyes, making them seem lighter. Use eyeliner in metallic shades like gold or bronze. These shades can make your brown eyes stand out more.

Are brown eyes beautiful?

Brown eyes are considered the most attractive (on females mainly). They can be sexy, cute, exotic etc. They reflect light and have many more flecks and shades to them compared to light eyes. Worldwide they are the prettiest and most desired eye colour.

Does blue eyeshadow go with brown eyes?

Versatile Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

All you brown eyes out there are lucky. You can get away with wearing almost any eyeshadow color— purple, blue, green, bronze, you name it. Lighter brown eyes are especially beautiful with blue eyeshadow. If you have gold flecks, a shimmery gold looks dreamy.

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