what eyeshadow for green eyes?

“Green’s complementary color is red, so any shadow with red undertones really makes green eyes pop.” Lavender, violet, aubergine—no shades are off limits. We love all three hues in Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in VI 308.

What color eyeshadow makes green eyes look greener?

HOW/WHY IT MAKES THEM POP. These metallic red-bronze and sparkly purple shades contrast beautifully with green eyes to intensify the colour for a hypnotizing look. The red undertones in purple eyeshadows make green eyes instantly pop!

Is GREY eyeshadow good for green eyes?

Grey Eyeshadow to Enhance Your Green Eyes. … Make sure you choose a grey color that has a purple undertone to it. Grey is a perfect neutral to pair with green. It can really make your green eyes come alive.

How do you apply eyeshadow for green eyes?

Go neutral with browns and golds.

Apply gold eyeshadow all over your lid. Then, brush a dark tan shadow to the crease with a crease brush. Tap on some darker tan eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Blend everything in, then brush on some dark brown eyeliner and mascara.

Is brown eyeshadow good for green eyes?

1. Eyeshadow for green eyes. … The amount of gold, brown, gray or blue flecks in green eyes will have an effect on the best eyeshadow palette for your particular shade of green. Light green eyes and blue green eyes are striking – so tone down the color for daywear with shades of neutral brown eyeshadow.

What color eyeliner is best for green eyes?

People with green eyes should look for burgundy, rust, and other warm, reddish tones, though black and brown can also work well. If you have blue eyes, opt for navy, copper, dark brown, or yellow eyeliner. “When in doubt, look at a color wheel for some inspiration,” says Marie.

What is the rarest eye color?

The production of melanin in the iris is what influences eye color. More melanin produces a darker coloring, while less makes for lighter eyes. Green eyes are the rarest, but there exist anecdotal reports that gray eyes are even rarer. Eye color isn’t just a superfluous part of your appearance.