olympea perfume fm world?

Which FM perfume smells like Olympea?

FM World UK – shop FM 436

smells just like olympea!

Are FM World fragrances fake?

FM does not sell fakes, copies of imitation fragrances. You will never see another logo on our products. Only the FM logo, we dont pretend to be anything or anyone else. The packaging belong to FM, the ingredients are FM, the models and image campaign are all FM, and the names of our perfumes are FM numbers.

Is FM perfume genuine?

The Drom Factory is located in Munich, Germany, which FM get their fragrances from, hence why the FM fragrances smell just like the real designer ones. This is why they are not copies or fakes. FM is one of the top 10 fragrance and cosmetic suppliers in the world and are one of DPD’s top clients.

What does FM 173 Smell Like?

Sandalwood, musk and moss form the base of this dreamlike parfum.

FM 173 Fragrance Attributes.

Fragrance Familiy Oriental
Fragrance Gender for Her
Fragrance Type Dreamlike | Dimmed
Head Notes Anise | Licorice
Heart Notes Jacaranda Wood | Bitter Almond

What is pure royal perfume?

PURE ROYAL is a wide range of exceptional fragrances you will certainly find the one that will charm you and make you feel truly royal. … The fragrances, which so far have had the status of Eau de Parfum, now have a higher perfume concentration and have turned into exquisite PURE ROYAL perfumes.

What does FM 237 Smell Like?

FM 237 is a wonderfully exuberant perfume that unleashes the attributes of the wearer and allures those who have the pleasure of encountering it.

FM 237 Fragrance Attributes.

Fragrance Familiy Oriental
Heart Notes Peony | Jasmine | Plum
Base Notes Vanilla | Musk | Ambergris

Is FM fragrance a pyramid scheme?

FM World “totally not a pyramid scheme!”

Can you make money with FM fragrance?


As an independent FM World Consultant you will earn money by recommending FM products to others – and, if you wish, by introducing others into the FM business, you will also earn additional commission based on their sales!

How long do FM perfumes last?

My original luxury brand perfumes are all EDP and the scent usually last around 8 hours. I was a little skeptical about FM Pure Royal 366 and didn’t expect it to last as long as the original. But guess what it did last about 8 hours too!

Is FM perfume the same?

The answer is YES. The factory own the fragrance as they created and produced it, and can sell it to their customers. … FM Perfumes design their own bottle and packaging and give their new fragrance a number, FM33. Both the Designer and FM33 are from the same container.

Is FM a MLM company?

You define what success means to you and carry out your plan in a way which is most convenient for you. All of this is possible thanks to the system in which FM WORLD operates – Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). MLM (multi-level marketing) is a form of direct sales, it bypasses the traditional network of shops.

Who owns FM World?

In 2006 Anita Sieniuc brought the FM World Business Opportunity to the UK. Anita used to work in the headquarters in Poland and decided to spread the word of FM World in United Kingdom. She has been working very hard since the beginning to establish a great company with solid foundations.

What is the difference between FM pure and FM Royal?

The Pure Royal Collection

They contain 20% scent oils but the oils are more expensive and do last longer on the skin than the Pure Collection.

What does FM pure royal smell like?

Heart notes: cinnamon, Turkish rose, cardamom. Base notes: leather notes. 20% fragrance concentration. New collection in a gift box.

What’s the difference between pure and Royal FM fragrances?

The FM Pure Royal collection is made up of perfumes that contain at least 20% fragrant oils much like the FM Pure collection, the only significant difference between the collections being the exclusive, prestigious packaging that comes when purchasing a scent in the FM Pure Royal range.

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What does FM 440 Smell Like?

As FM 440 is a part of the Pure collection it is packaged in a simple yet outspoken box and has a fragrance oil concentration of 20%. Sensual heart notes of iris, orange flower, caramel and coconut produce a wonderful aroma that is memorable and will invoke memories of days gone by.

What does fm21 smell like?

Available in 50ml bottles in both Pure (20% oils) and Intense (upto 30% oils) collections, this floral, warm scent, with head notes of orange blossom, ylang-ylang, and Aldehyde will have you feeling fresh,and wholly renewed, you’ll undoubtedly turn heads with this magnificent floral aroma.

What does fm500 smell like?

Monumentally woody in its aromas, but yet maintaining the brightness of character. With a fantastic combination of dazzling head notes of lime, angelica, saffron, galbanum, lime peel, and mandarin, and heart notes of heliotropium, myrrh, carrot, iris and jasmine. FM 500 bursts with flavours igniting your senses.

What does FM 199 Smell Like?

199 FM perfume. Rich and complex composition in which you will find mint, tangerine, cinnamon, cardamom, rose, and notes of leather. Fragrance Family: Oriental. Type: Elegant.

How much does it cost to join FM?

It shouldn’t, and that is why FM World is free to join! You can begin selling the products and earning money. There is no stock to hold. You simply sell to your customers at catalogue prices, order at member prices and keep the difference for yourself.

What countries is FM World in?

FM WORLD Business Academies run in countries like France, Spain and Portugal and in Asia.

How much do FM sellers make?

We sell 100% pure mineral make up, designer quality fragrances, body care, skin care, home products, barista coffee and more. Your commission is around 33% and u earn on anything u sell. There is no minimum order.

How do you earn money from FM?

How to earn £3444 in your first 3 months working from home with FM …

How do FM world pay you?

We accept the following methods of payment: credit/debit card (excluding Laser), PayPal and money transfer to our bank account. Visit our website uk.fmworld.com and click on Shop Online. You will be taken to our shop where you need to log in with your ID number and main password.

Which FM perfume smells like Coco Mademoiselle?

Pheromone FM By Federico Mahora No. 18 (30 ml) Women – Mademoiselle / Coco radiant notes.

What does FM perfume smell like?

Containing beautifully fruity head notes of orange and orange blossom as well as seductive heart notes of rose, jasmine and delightful ylang-ylang, the FM 18 Fragrance is finished with vibrant deep base notes of white musk, vetiver, tonka bean and a hint of vanilla.

What does FM perfume 910 smell like?

Saffron and Jasmine make up the exquisite headnotes, and the earthy heart notes of cedarwood, balsam, and fir, along with base notes of the finest cashmere wood, brown sugar, ambergris, and moss balance the fragrance out overall, culminating in a beautiful aroma.

What does FM 809 smell Like?

Made with intelligent notes of bergamot and ginger mingled with ensnaring heart notes of incense, rose and patchouli all layered with powerful base notes of vanilla, vetiver, and musk.

FM 809 Fragrance Attributes.

Fragrance Familiy Oriental
Head Notes Bergamot | Ginger | Water Notes
Heart Notes Incense | Rose | Patchouli

Does FM 472 smell like Creed?

FM472. Very cheap generic product that is not even close to the real thing. Complete waste of money. The fragrance is very bland, doesn’t smell anywhere close to Creed Aventus and whatever smell this is, it.

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How do you sell an FM fragrance?

How to Sell FM Perfumes – YouTube

Is MLM a pyramid scheme?

Some sources say that all MLM companies are essentially pyramid schemes, even if they are legal. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states: “Steer clear of multilevel marketing plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors. They’re actually illegal pyramid schemes.

What does MLM stand for?

Businesses that involve selling products to family and friends and recruiting other people to do the same are called multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, or direct marketing businesses. Some MLMs are illegal pyramid schemes.

How many products do FM sell?


FM World have 150 different FM perfumes and fragrances on offer making sure there is one for everyone. FM World has a range of FM Cosmetics Make-Up (including foundations and mineral powders for light and dark skin), our FM Cosmetics has its own catalog.

When was FM WORLD established?

FM WORLD was started in 2004 in Wroclaw, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński. Due to the popularity of its perfumes and dynamic leadership, it has become an international success story.

Who started FM WORLD?

FM World Poland was established in 2004 in Wrocław, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński. Due to its dynamic growth, in 2007 a new company – FM World– was founded to expand the brand abroad. Today FM World products are known and appreciated on six continents.

What brand is FM?

A world wide brand

Federico Mahora and the FM GROUP is represented in Europe, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. The principal products of FM GROUP World are high class perfumes and eau de parfum, created in cooperation with the best perfumers and producers.

What does pure DKNY smell like?

The fragrance opens with Ugandan vanilla, dewdrop floral petals, lotus and Bulgarian rose. A heart beats in rhythm of exotic flowers – jasmine, freesia and orchid, while a base finishes the pure composition with white amber, sandalwood and vanilla in water.

How long do FM candles last?

Allow yourself a bit of luxury with the unique scents in a beautiful setting. – long-lasting – up to 70 days!

What is FM intense perfume?

FM World’s Intense Collection is, as the name suggests, our strongest, longest-lasting, most intense range of perfume. … Using only the highest quality fragrance oils, FM Intense Perfume lasts up to eight hours on the skin.

What does FM 900 Smell Like?

Heart notes of rose, jasmine and sour cherry serve to create a unique and exciting fragrance that lights up the senses. Head notes of black cherry, cherry liqueur and bitter almonds complete this charming and fun fragrance to culminate in an explosive array of scents that will have you bursting with joy and confidence.

What does FM 327 Smell Like?

A sumptuous, delightful, and dominant perfume the FM 327 Fragrance for him by Federico Mahora is a scent that will empower all men to achieve their potential.

FM 327 Fragrance Attributes.

Fragrance Familiy Woody
Fragrance Type Untamed | Powerful
Head Notes Grapefruit | Pink Pepper
Heart Notes Nutmeg | Ginger | Jasmine

What is difference between intense and perfume?

There are a number of different interpretations in the perfume industry, however it appears ‘Intense’ means that the scent is stronger and more prominent. In most cases, the best intense perfumes have been born from the original to evolve into a more intense experience than the original perfume.

What is FM Pure Royal?

A new collection of FM Perfumes, welcome to the world of PURE ROYAL! … A wide range of exceptional fragrances for women and men – you will certainly find the one that will charm you and make you feel truly special. Many of your favourite fragrances from the LUXURY COLLECTION are now available as PURE ROYAL!