Nasomatto pardon ingredients?

What pardon smells like?

Pardon by Nasomatto is a fragrance for men. … The nose behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri. Top notes are Magnolia and Flowers, middle notes are Dark Chocolate, Tonka Bean and Cinnamon, base notes are Agarwood (Oud) and Sandalwood.

How long does black Afgano last?

Ratings. Black Afgano has good longevity, remaining on my skin for around eight hours before becoming a trace on the skin. Likewise, the scent makes itself noticed. Moreso on me through sillage than overt projection, although this will vary depending on your own skin chemistry.

Is Black Afgano a good perfume?

Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes, this is a beautifully relentless and utterly enveloping scent. Black Afgano is a strong smoke and incense fragrance that is surprisingly never overpowering. We can honestly say, this fragrance is dope.

What is black Afgano made of?

Black Afgano by Nasomatto is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. The nose behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri. Top notes are cannabis and Green Notes, middle notes are resins, Woodsy Notes, Tobacco and Coffee, base notes are Agarwood (Oud) and Incense.

Who is Nasomatto?

Nasomatto is an experimental olfactory platform founded by Alessandro Gualtieri. Each fragrance stands as an artistically personal expression of the creator. “Nasomatto” translates from Italian as ‘crazy nose’.

Who makes Nasomatto?

Products from Nasomatto

The nose behind Nasomatto (Italian for ‘crazy nose’) is Alessandro Gualtieri, who has created scents for names like Valentino, Versace, Fendi, Helmut Lang. Upon completing his education in Germany, Italian artist Gualtieri founded his own brand in 2008 in Amsterdam.

What is an extrait de parfum?

Extrait (also referred to as Parfum, Extrait de Parfum, Pure Perfume, Perfume and Perfume Extract) contains anywhere between fifteen percent and forty percent aromatic compounds, although the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) estimates that it is most commonly about 20% aromatic compounds.

What is Nasomatto project?

This is how the Nasomatto project was born, dedicated to those who have a strong interest in distinguishing themselves in the choice of perfume. … It is what Nasomatto does: think of raw materials, situations and agreements to put them to good use when preparing perfumes.

Where is Nasomatto?

Where is Nasomatto located? Nasomatto Perfumes and the Nasomatto webstore are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Is Byredo male or female?

While the focus of the brand is on unisex fragrance, Byredo has launched a few fragrances determined for women and a few fragrances classified as “for men”. Designer Byredo has 70 perfumes in our fragrance base. Byredo is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2008 and the newest is from 2021.

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Is Extrait stronger than perfume?

Fragrances come in a variety of styles, prices and concentrations. Extrait, Extrait de Parfum, Parfum- This has the highest concentration of fragrance compounds therefore will likely last the longest and have the strongest projection. …

Is Extrait stronger than EDP?

Extrait de parfum, also known as parfum or pure perfume is the highest concentration of scent, containing 15-40% (usually 20–30%) of aromatic compounds. Eau de parfum (EDP) has the next highest concentration of fragrance.

What is concentration in perfume?

The fragrance concentration of a particular perfume refers to the fragrance’s strength. The higher the concentration the more pure the fragrance – it contains a greater amount of perfume oils and less alcohol, therefore the cost of the fragrance is greater.

What does Black Afgano smell like?

Black Afgano’s mid-phase of development comes closest to smelling like marijuana with a dry, herbal-leafy accord (think cured tobacco) tinged with a sweet ‘sweaty’ note. As the scent dries down, there’s a brief moment of funky-furry musk, then Black Afgano becomes vanillic-amber-y with a touch of patchouli.

Is Nasomatto vegan?

Scent&amp,Colour fragrances are vegan and of course, they are not tested on animals (Regulation EC No 1223/2009). … Additionally, the natural ingredients of this perfume have been evaluated according to COSMOS standards for natural and organic cosmetics.

What does Gypsy Water smell like?

Gypsy Water’s notes include bergamot, juniper berries, lemon, pepper, incense, orris, pine needle, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. In short, Gypsy Water is a sort of Revlon Jean Naté for the incense-loving set. It’s easy to like, sweet and refreshing, and it wears off before you’ve finished your morning coffee.

Is Gypsy Water strong?

I find that Gypsy water lasts while being not overpowering. It’s comforting and interesting at the same time.

Does Gypsy Water smell good?


What does ambergris smell like?

Chemist Gunther Ohloff once described ambergris as ‘humid, earthy, faecal, marine, algoid, tobacco-like, sandalwood-like, sweet, animal, musky and radiant‘. Others comment that it can smell a bit like the wood in old churches, or Brazil nuts.

What does saffron smell like?

Saffron smells strong, leathery, soft, earthy, hay-like, reminding slightly of rubber. The scent comes from the chemical compounds of picrocrocin and safranal.

Is EDT oil based?

The main difference is therefore the amount of perfume oil in the formula: an Eau de Toilette contains less perfume oil and more water and alcohol than an Eau de Parfum. Depending on what you like in terms of the intensity of a fragrance, you can choose an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.

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Is Extrait a perfume?

Extrait de parfum (pure perfume, perfume, parfum, parfum extrait or simply extract) is the most concentrated and most expensive form of perfumes and is usually between 20 and 40% of oil concentration. … And this makes them very unique because they are in fact more versatile than eaux de parfum.

What does love by Kilian smell like?

Fragrance Description: This fragrance implores you at the opening with tender orange blossom absolute. Juicy honeysuckle and plush rose are softly caressed by the sweetness of luscious marshmallow sugar accord, satisfying the craving pang of new love. A warm amber base lends a touch of sensuality.

How can you tell fake Maison Francis Kurkdjian?

Fake fragrance – Baccarat Rouge 540 EdP by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

What is the strongest type of fragrance?

Parfum”, “Parfum Extrait”, “Extrait de Parfum”, “Perfume Extract”, “ pure perfume” or “Elixir” is the strongest concentration of fragrance and can have between 15% and 40% of aromatic compounds.

How do you know if perfume is concentrated?

Underneath the name of the perfume on a bottle will normally be the fragrance concentration. A fragrance concentration refers to the strength that a fragrance has. Perfumes with a higher fragrance concentration contain more perfume oils and less alcohol.

Which perfume is the most concentrated?

The most important type of perfume, Parfum, also known as Pure Perfume or Extrait de Parfum, boasts the highest fragrance concentration. A fragrance that is classified as Parfum has a concentration between 20% to 40%.

Who made black Afgano perfume?

Nasomatto Black Afgano was created by Alessandro Gualtieri, and it’s available in 30 ml Parfum ($148).


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