Is Revlon Uniq one a heat protectant??

How do you use Revlon Professional Uniq one?

Spray from a distance of about 20 cm from hair. Detangle hair with a comb. Finish with the usual style: blow dry, straighten, or air-dry. Use the usual finishing product.

Is Revlon Uniq One good for hair?

5.0 out of 5 stars Hair feels ‘hairdresser good‘ – even after 5 months of use! This is the best hair product I have ever used for keeping my hair ‘hairdresser fresh’ at home.

Is Revlon Uniq One sulfate free?

Uniq One All In One Conditioning Coconut Shampoo is an exotically scented hair and scalp cleanser for all hair types, with 10 unique benefits in one luxurious Sulphate free formula.

Can you use Uniq one on dry hair?

Revlon Uniq One is an easy to use leave-in conditioner and hair treatment. Use it on wet or dry hair to soften and smoothe hair, leaving it beautifully soft and healthy.

How do you use Revlon spray?

On dry hair: – Spray Revlon Uniq 1 Coconut onto the palm of your hand. – Use 2-3 sprays for short hair, 3-5 for medium hair and 4-6 for long hair. – Rub product between hands and apply to hair from the mid-lengths to the ends.

How do I use Uniq one?

For dry hair:

Spray the Uniq One Treatment onto your hand. Then begin to rub the product between your hands and begin to apply if to your hair from the mid-length to the end. If necessary, you may find you want to refresh your style with your straightener or hair dryer. Apply your usual finishing product.

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