is louis vuitton epi leather durable?

Yes, LV Epi leather is very durable. It is created with a textured, horizontal pattern design that helps resist abrasions and scratches. It also has a protective coating that make it water resistant and generally very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

How do you clean LV Epi leather?

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Can Epi leather get wet?

Even though Epi leather is scuff resistant, avoid contacting rough surfaces. The leather surface is water resistant (not the entire bag) so all you have to do is wipe down if it gets wet from the rain or have a unfortunate mishap of having a drink spilt on it.

What is LV Epi leather made of?

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather

The process of making epi leather is very specific, firstly it’s tanned with plant extracts and then deep-dyed. After this process, a special colouration on the surface of the grain is applied, which creates its distinctive coloured two tone effect.

What kind of leather is Epi leather?

Epi leather is a leather mainly used for Louis Vuitton products. It is a pigmented smooth leather, which has a characteristic embossing and is reminiscent of boarded grain. Due to the pigmentation, the leather is weather-resistant.

Does Epi leather crack?

Epi leather usually does not crack or chip. It might soften over time with use and flexing, which can be a preferable trait.

Does Epi leather wear well?

Epi leather has been Louis Vuitton’s most popular leather for over a century. … This special process ensures that colors are vibrant and bright, and makes the leather very resistant to water and wear. There’s a reason Epi bags are so popular on the resale market: they require very little care and can look new for years.

How do you tell if Louis Vuitton Epi is real?

How to Tell a Real Louis Vuitton From a Fake
  1. Examine the Shape, Proportions and Posture. …
  2. Look Closely at the Stitching Quality and Pattern: …
  3. Check the Material, Hardware and Build Quality: …
  4. Inspect the Stamping, Shape and Size of the Font: …
  5. Make Sure the Date Code is Correct:

When did Louis Vuitton introduce Epi leather?

1985. Louis Vuitton introduced its first leather line in 1985, when Epi Leather was created and became its first permanent collection of Leather bags.

Is Louis Vuitton real leather?

Many Louis Vuitton goods are made of 100% genuine real leather, but there is confusion about what Louis Vuitton trunks, handbags, and other accessories are made of sometimes. … Commonly confused for leather, LV canvas is so tough that it is known to last for years, regardless of wear and tear.

How do you condition Epi leather?

Spray a light coat of leather conditioning spray onto a cleaning rag and rub onto the epi leather. Allow the bag to air dry.

What is Louis Vuitton Epi?

Epi leather is a Vuitton-specific creation that’s textured with wavy micro-ridges. The only monogram visible here is a solo LV that is subtly branded into the grain. The house used the glossy grain in its luggage during the 1920s. It was later revived in 1985, and eventually released in several different colorways.