is hermes reliable?

Communication from the delivery company
Rank Delivery company NET satisfaction score
1 DPD 86%
2 Amazon 85%
3 DHL 80%
4 Hermes/myHermes 77%

Is Hermes the worst delivery company?

Hermes has been ranked the worst large delivery company in the UK in the first-ever league table of its kind showing the British public has a generally negative view of all of the biggest firms.

Is Hermes delivery guaranteed?

With 4,600 locations for you to choose from, dropping off your parcel for delivery next day has never been easier. If your parcel is dropped off at your Hermes Drop Shop before 12 noon it will have a greater chance of next working day delivery. However this is not guaranteed.

Why does Hermes have such a bad reputation?

Why does Hermes delivery get such a bad rep in the UK? – Quora. , Liberated From the Indignity of Work. In short, they got a bad reputation by providing a consistently terrible service. The name ‘Hermes’ is synonymous with damaged, lost and stolen parcels.

How long does Hermes take to deliver?

Standard delivery – we’ll deliver your parcel in 2 to 4 days, including weekends. We can even collect it from your home or workplace.

Who is the best courier UK?

DPD finished the overall winner with 65% of voters rating their service as ‘great’. What’s more, DPD’s sister company DPD Local was rated as the second-best parcel delivery company in the UK, with a 56% ‘great’ score.

Who is your favourite UK courier?
Major Delivery Companies ‘Great’ Score
DPD 65%
DPD Local 56%
Royal Mail 54%
Amazon Logistics 48%

Why is my parcel delayed Hermes?

Your parcel may not have reached us yet. Your parcel may be still with your retailer or may be in transit to us. We may not be the delivery option for the retailer. Please contact the retailer for confirmation that your parcel is being delivered by Hermes.

Is Hermes next day reliable?

Next Day Delivery We will deliver your parcels within 24 hours with an industry leading 98% success rate. National Coverage We offer a Next Day service to just under 99% of the UK Mainland Population.

Are Hermes delivering on a Sunday?

Sunday Delivery We will deliver your parcels on a Sunday with a 95% first time success rate. National Coverage We offer a Sunday Delivery service to just under 85% of the UK Mainland Population.

Which UK companies use Hermes?

Hermes is a global trade and logistics provider and is part of the Otto Group. It is the largest dedicated parcel delivery service in the UK. The company works with 80% of the UK’s top retail brands including Asos, John Lewis and Next. Founded in 1972, Hermes began operating in the UK in 2000.

How reliable are DHL?

The results demonstrated that DHL Express is the most reliable express carrier in the world, with particularly good reliability on shipments originating in Asia.

Does Hermes use DHL?

Spring UK, the shipping company and courier, has revealed it will be fully integrating with Hermes, Yodel and DHL Parcel UK with the aim of powering the delivery of more ecommerce merchants’ consignments.