Is Gucci bloom a good perfume??

Gucci Bloom is a beautiful fragrance. It is so much more than just a modern white floral, a style that is often vapid, sanitised and lacking in personality, but at the same time it isn’t a heady or animalic floral of the old school – it’s just perfect.

Is Gucci Bloom perfume long lasting?

I would say it lasts probably about five to six hours. I think it’s the perfect day to night

What is the most popular Gucci perfume?

1. Gucci Flora EDT Spray. Gucci Flora Eau de toilette spray comes from the best known perfume brand, Gucci.

Is Gucci Bloom popular?

Gucci Bloom is iconic, and it’s become one of my personal all-time favorite floral confections. It’s classic and perfect for any day or occasion.

Does Gucci bloom smell sweet?

That is the original Gucci Bloom woman. The fragrance itself embodies the woman — it’s like a thriving garden rich with flowers and the sweet scent it produces. … The flowers from the vines give off a slightly powdery scent, bringing this heady floral perfume to a close.

Is Gucci Bloom a summer fragrance?

The fourth edition of the Gucci Bloom line presents Gucci Bloom Gocce di Fiori a new scent that serves up bold floral notes creating a near-perfect summer perfume.

Is Gucci Bloom a winter perfume?

Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor

As someone who has been wearing Chanel Chance basically my entire life, it takes a lot for me to jump ship scent-wise, but Gucci Bloom is the one that did it for me. … Even though the bottle has total spring vibes, this is one perfume you can wear year-round, hands down.”

Which one is the best Gucci bloom?

If there is a scent that encapsulates the spontaneity and joyfulness of youth, it would be Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori. This fresh and green version of the original Gucci Bloom celebrates the vitality and energy of friendship and youthfulness — both physically and at heart.

Is Gucci Bloom unisex?

Gucci Bloom by Gucci is a Floral fragrance for women.

Does Gucci perfume last long?

Yes. Like all perfumes, Gucci perfumes usually go bad after about 4-5 years.

How long lasting is Gucci Bloom?

This perfume doesn’t last very long on my skin. Shortly after spraying it I stop smelling the beautiful opening notes which are all but gone. Lasting power approximately 3 hours on me then it becomes a skin scent of simple florals.

What does Gucci Bloom Ambrosia smell like?

The vibrant bouquet features: jasmine bud, tuberose, Rangoon creeper, damascene rose, and velvety orris. An imaginary garden redolent of flowers and plants in diverse types and colors, the original Gucci Bloom scent is the foundation of Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori.

Does Gucci Bloom have a lotion?

Gucci Bloom Perfumed Body Lotion, 6.7 oz.

What scent does Rihanna wear?

As first reported by Stylecaster, Rihanna’s friend @StylishGent filmed a video with Rihanna back in 2016 in which he spills that she’s wearing By Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy. Rihanna is seen in the background of the video looking totally annoyed that he’s telling the world her signature scent.

What does Gucci Flora smell like?

Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci is a Floral fragrance for women. Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum was launched in 2010. Top notes are Peony, Citruses and Mandarin Orange, middle notes are Osmanthus and Rose, base notes are Sandalwood, Patchouli and Pink Pepper.