how to use jelly eyeshadow?

You can apply gel eyeshadow much like you apply creme eyeshadow. Wash and dry your face, apply some primer, and use either a brush or your fingertip. Gel eyeshadow is great to apply because you’ll look radiant and shimmery in no time!

How do you revive Jelly much eyeshadow?

So this is water-based. So you don’t want to use oil on a water-based product. So I just use this

What is Jelly much eyeshadow?

ColourPop Jelly Much Eyeshadow ($8.00 for 0.23 oz.) is a new, water-based eyeshadow that is supposed to have “high impact” in a “single swipe” that’s longwearing, “won’t crease, fade or transfer” and “dries down to a powder finish with zero fall out.” These are water-based, so they feel wet and cooling when initially …

How do you fix the Colorpop jelly?

It’s no longer a lovely bouncy jelly texture anymore it becomes. Like hard and crumbly. And really

How do you make jelly eyeshadow?

This first in some propane dial. Now I’m using these materials the propane dial is very non tacky.