how to use eyeliner stamp?

How do you use an eyeliner stamp?

So I’m going to do the right side first so I’m just gonna obviously pick up the pin that says right

Are eyeliner stamps any good?

The verdict is in, and it’s very good. I love how easy the process was, and how realistic the decals actually look. You can’t tell it’s a two-part application, or that you’re wearing stickers, and you can get creative in applying the decals however you like. Perfect if you’re going for a more dramatic look.

Do eyeliner stamps work on hooded eyes?

So. This is super easy honestly. It’s a game changer. And it will get you out the door literally in

How do you apply eyeliner to hooded eyes?

Wing. Next i’m going to take the eyeliner. All along my lash line keeping it very close to the lash

How do you make a winged eyeliner stamp?

The top part of our wing. By doing the exact same. Thing. So now that we have our guide line we can