how to use concealer and primer?

You should begin with a primer, then foundation, then concealer, followed by eyes, cheeks, and lips (in that order). The only exception is if you are using a color correcting concealer which should go under the foundation.

How do you use makeup primer and concealer?

Which you then can apply on damp skin then make sure to find the right primer. So that you will

Do you put primer under concealer?

To get concealer to stay in place, you have to lock it in before, not after, you apply. “Dusting powder on top of concealer can cause creasing,” Ashton told The Cut. “Prepping concealer with a primer first does not.”

Where do you apply primer?

Apply them on bare skin, all over the face or on the high points of it (nose, brow bone, cheekbone, Cupid’s bow) to add life and dimension to your complexion. If you’re having a good face day and don’t want to wear foundation, you can still use a highlighting primer to liven up your skin.

What goes on first concealer or foundation?

When it comes to foundation and concealer, though, the experts do typically use foundation first. Of course, there are some caveats (color correctors and under-eye concealers, mainly), and you should always stick with the routine that you love.

Does primer stop concealer from creasing?

Your under-eyes are one of the areas most prone to creasing. The first step to prevent your concealer from settling into those crevasses under your eyes is primer. You can use an eye cream as a primer since it can easily absorb into your skin.

Can primer go under eyes?

Under the eyes.

When used underneath the eyes, eyeshadow primer can serve two purposes: it can help prevent your concealer from creasing and make it last longer. Since the technology behind eye primers prevents your eyeshadows from creasing, the same principle applies to the skin underneath your eyes, as well.

Do you apply eye primer before or after concealer?

What goes first eye primer or concealer? In the class of makeup best practices 101, makeup artists recommend applying eye makeup first before moving on to face makeup with foundation first and then (and only then) concealer.