how to smudge eye pencil?

So just at the edges. I’m going to be using a pencil brush to smoke it out. Further. You can also

How do I make my eyeliner look smudged?

You can use a cotton swab, pencil brush, fingertip, or small sponge to smudge your eyeliner. Just remember to be gentle as you go! Editor’s tip: Sponges meant for smudging can often be found on the flipside of pencil eyeliners.

How do you blend eye pencils?

Using the smudge brush end of your pencil, blend your lower lash line dashes together, starting from the inner corner to the outer. Do the same on your top lid, starting from the outer corner to the inner. Smudge until you feel like you’ve got the soft finish you want.

How do you smudge under your eyes?

Products. So mascara. Make sure it’s waterproof. And for eye pencils. Or example if you’re using a

How do you use a smudge eye brush?

And this one is smaller. And a little bit of a longer bristle. So it’s perfect for underneath the

How do I keep my bottom eyeliner from smudging?

Just use powder eyeshadow. It’s really easy first apply your pencil eyeliner then take the eyeliner

How do you do a Guyliner?

Now. You want to go on the inside of your eye with the Kohl pencil. Because. You want this to be