how to refill dior sauvage bottle?

Can you refill Dior Sauvage bottle?

The Sauvage Eau de Toilette is now refillable. Its easy-to-use, eco-designed refill now allows you to refill your 100 ml or 30 ml Sauvage Eau de Toilette bottle in one simple step, without losing a single drop. Thanks to its innovative auto-stop system, filling stops automatically when the bottle is full.

How do you refill a Sauvage bottle?

And then you grab this put it on top of there and then you just push down. And you just keep doing

How do you refill a cologne bottle?

Remove the plastic cap and sprayer from your travel perfume bottle. If you have a plastic perfume atomizer, simply lift off the plastic cap from the outside. Then, unscrew the plastic sprayer from the top. Sit the lid and the sprayer to the side until you fill up the bottle.

Has Dior Sauvage been discontinued?

As far as I can tell, Dior discontinued this specific version of Eau Sauvage. … This is an absolutely classic scent and whoever discontinued it at Dior should be rocketed into the sun. If you’re trying to get this specific version of it I say good luck to you.

How long does Dior Sauvage last?

Dior Sauvage EDT lasts over 7 hours. This scent has really good performance, and you can still smell it hours later. You can read more aftershave reviews here, for tips on what scents you need to own.

Why is Dior Sauvage so popular?

“It’s an exquisite scent that takes all those smelling it on a fabulous journey,” she tells me. “The fresh and captivating top notes give way to a warm, sexy, enigmatic and sophisticated base. Part of what makes it so enduringly successful is that it seems to tap into so many different tribes and zeitgeists.”

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