how to put on makeup with glasses?

To prevent foundation and concealer from sticking to your frames, be strategic about application and be sure to use setting spray to keep the makeup in place. Opt for a lengthening mascara rather than false eyelashes. Balance the look with a bold lip.

How do you put makeup on if you wear glasses?

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  1. Curl your lashes to make the most of your gorgeous eyes. …
  2. Use a good under-eye concealer. …
  3. Put setting powder on your nosepads. …
  4. Favour eyeliner over eyeshadow. …
  5. You can go bolder with eye make up than you’d expect. …
  6. Keep an old pair of glasses if you can.

Can people with glasses wear makeup?

You can wear makeup and glasses and still look great with the right smoky eye. … When applying your eye makeup, mascara is also essential, but the last thing you want is for your eyelashes to brush up against the lenses. To prevent this from happening, curl your top eyelashes before applying mascara.

How do you apply mascara if you wear glasses?

‘When applying your mascara, opt for a formula that is longwearing, so it won’t smudge on to your lenses if your lashes do touch them throughout the day. Additionally, a good curl will prevent this. Be sure to give your mascara time to dry before positioning your glasses for everyday wear. ‘

Should you wear eye makeup with glasses?

When you wear glasses on a night out, give eye shadow a miss – swap it out and smudge a warm colored liner close to your lash line for a sultry look. Keep it soft and subtle – anything you do now is going to be magnified by the lights of the city!

Should I wear mascara if I wear glasses?

Many glasses-wearers think they can’t wear mascara because it ends up smeared on their lenses, but it’s all about how you apply it. If you apply it to the roots more than the tips, you’ll have lashes that look full but won’t smear your lenses, especially if you also curl them.

How do I make my eyes look good with glasses?

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Glasses
  1. Tip #1: Use bright eyeshadow by itself or shades of brown eyeshadow for the ultimate smoky eye. …
  2. Tip #2: Brighten the under-eye area with concealer. …
  3. Tip #3: Apply bright eyeliner to your waterline.

Does eyeliner look good with glasses?

Eye liner is essential when wearing glasses: the thicker the frames, the thicker the liner. Use a black eyeliner on the top of the eye, start at the inside and go out staying as tight as you can on the lash line. … Don’t worry about the lower lash line being perfect, a soft and smudgey look will enhance your eye shape.

How do I keep my makeup from getting on my glasses?

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How do I stop my eyelashes from hitting my glasses?

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