how to make eye pencil last longer?

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How do I make my eyeliner stay on longer?

Powder First, Line Second

To do this, lightly dust along the lash line with a very small amount of translucent powder to absorb excess moisture and oil, and then apply your long-wear eyeliner and powder for maximum eyeliner longevity,” she recommends.

How do you keep your eye pencil on all day?


By tracing your liner with concealer, it helps to protect your liner from smudging throughout the day. Using a small angled brush, trace your concealer along your lash line and follow up with your eyeliner. Just make sure you’re also using a long-wearing concealer formula!

How long is eye pencil good for?

Eyeliner: Liquid or gel – 2-3 months. Pencil – 1 to 2 years, as long as sharpened between uses. Like eye shadow, eyeliner can become contaminated more easily and spread the bacteria around, and since you’re putting the product close to your eye that’s just not good.

How do you keep your eyeliner pencil from drying out?

Around the eyes so a heavy duty eye primer. Even in areas that you may not be applying eyeshadows

How do you keep eyeliner from getting on your eyelids?

You could try applying a base of mineral powder foundation on eyelid and then mix a powder liner shadow with ‘weather everything’ waterproof setting gel(by Bare Minerals) and put a final brush of the mineral liner powder on top. This usually does the trick!

Why won’t my eye makeup stay on?

If there is too much oil around the eyes, the makeup is more likely to slide off. If you like oil based makeup removers, it is important to make sure the entire remover is gone before applying your makeup. You can also try a cream based remover.