how to apply eye pencil?

Run it back and forth on your hands several times to warm it and it will glide on smoothly. Step 3

How do you apply eye pencil for beginners?

Focus mostly on the lashes. And keep this line nice and thin. And there you go. This is almost an

How do you apply pencil eyeliner smoothly?

Then when you’re done you want to go back and very slowly connect those dots. To wing out your

Is pencil eyeliner good for beginners?

Pick Pencil

If you’re new to the eyeliner game, you might be overwhelmed by all your options. … Because it’s the easiest and a great starting point for eyeliner beginners. A smooth pencil glides on easily, doesn’t tug, and is more forgiving with shaky hands than liquid or gel.

Is eye pencil bad for your eyes?

Sood-Mendiratta advises against keeping eye products for longer than about three months. “If the mascara or eyeliner is old, this increases the chances that bacteria or fungus have contaminated it. If any of this gets introduced directly into your eye, you could end up with a serious eye infection,” she says.

How do you apply eyeliner perfectly?

Line. The third and the final step is slowly and gradually start drawing the liner on your inner

Where do you put pencil eyeliner?

This will keep your application steady. And controlled step 4 draw your eyeliner along your upper