how to apply eye makeup when you can’t see?

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How do you apply makeup when you are blind?

Base Makeup
  1. First, save your base for last. Fallout can be messy. …
  2. Use mirrors up close and from a few feet away. Focusing too much on perfect placement and sharp contour in one area of the face at a time can result in a look that’s more heavy-handed than intended. …
  3. Don’t be afraid of mistakes! …
  4. Blend with clean brushes.

What do you do when you can’t wear eye makeup?

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How do you apply eyeliner while wearing glasses?

Eyeliner in a shade deeper than the rim of your glasses is the best way to define your eyes when wearing glasses. ‘If you’re not a fan of eyeliner then try tight-lining your eyes. This involves lining just in between your lashes and along the water line on your top lash line.

How do I make my eyes look up without mascara?

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How do you make your eyes look blind?

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