how to apply eye lenses?

Okay. And then just place the lens on the white portion of your eyes that means it’s much easier.

How are eye lenses inserted?

And then I’ll just put in my contact lens. Just like that. So I use the replenish type of contact

Are eye lenses painful?

Is it normal for contacts to hurt at first? It is normal for new contact lens wearers to feel the edges of the lenses the first few times when putting them in, however, they should not cause pain. If you are experiencing pain, burning or irritation, you should return to your eye care practitioner.

Can you sleep with contacts in?

It is not safe to sleep while wearing contacts, even if you are just taking a nap. The occasional or accidental nap in your contacts can increase your risk of an infection. If you think there is a chance you could fall asleep, it is safest to remove your contact lenses first.

What is the cost of lens?

Contact Lenses Collection Price List
Contact Lenses Collection Price (Rs)
Acuvue Moist Clear Contact Lenses – Pack of 90-CJAMWL90 Rs. 4316
Freshlook One-Day Grey Contact Lenses – Pack of 10-CCFLXE86 Rs. 720
Freshlook One-Day Blue Contact Lenses – Pack of 10-CCFLBE86 Rs. 720