how much is gucci bloom perfume?

What is the price of Gucci perfume?

Gucci Perfume Price in India
Latest Gucci Perfume Models Price
Gucci Guilty EDT For Women Rs. 3,973
Gucci Guilty Black EDT For Women Rs. 5,192
Gucci Bamboo EDP For Women Rs. 2,900
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT For Men Rs. 4,988

Is Gucci Bloom worth?

In terms of development, Gucci Bloom is relatively linear. … Gucci Bloom is a beautiful fragrance. It is so much more than just a modern white floral, a style that is often vapid, sanitised and lacking in personality, but at the same time it isn’t a heady or animalic floral of the old school – it’s just perfect.

How long does Gucci bloom last?

This perfume doesn’t last very long on my skin. Shortly after spraying it I stop smelling the beautiful opening notes which are all but gone. Lasting power approximately 3 hours on me then it becomes a skin scent of simple florals.

Why is Gucci so expensive?

Gucci’s material choice, rare elements of design, and quality of production reflect into high-quality products and beautiful accessories, of high desirability. This is what allows the brand to charge high prices and establish additional value to its customers.

What is the best Gucci perfume?

Best Gucci Perfumes
  • Gucci Guilty Eau De Toilette (For Women) …
  • Gucci by Gucci for Women. …
  • Gucci Rush by Gucci for Women. …
  • Guilty Black Pour Femme by Gucci for Women. …
  • Gucci Guilty Cologne EDT Spray For Men. …
  • Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau De Toilette (For Men) …
  • Gucci Sport Eau De Toilette (For Men)

Does Gucci Bloom smell sweet?

That is the original Gucci Bloom woman. The fragrance itself embodies the woman — it’s like a thriving garden rich with flowers and the sweet scent it produces. … The flowers from the vines give off a slightly powdery scent, bringing this heady floral perfume to a close.

Does Gucci Bloom smell like Grandma?

Top critical review

IMO, the fragrance smells like old grandma and NOT young and sexy.

Is Gucci Bloom a summer fragrance?

The fourth edition of the Gucci Bloom line presents Gucci Bloom Gocce di Fiori a new scent that serves up bold floral notes creating a near-perfect summer perfume.