how do ulta beauty points work?

How much is 1000 Ulta points worth?

1000 points = $50.00 off.

What is the best way to use Ulta points?

Hoard your ULTA points so you can get the good stuff for free. The best way to use your points is to save them up for something big. While 1000 points is $50, 2000 is $125 — so you’re getting an extra $25 by spending it in bulk.

How many points can you use at a time at Ulta?

When you finish adding all products to your cart, proceed to checkout and provide your shipping information. When you get to the payment page, find the field at the bottom of the page where you can select how many points you want to redeem (limit of 4,000 points per online transaction).

How many points are ulta points worth?

How much are Ulta Points worth? Ulta Rewards Points are worth between 3 cents and 6.25 cents based on how many you redeem at once.

How long do Ulta points last?

Points will expire at the end of the quarter one year after the date they were earned. Check your receipt,, or your monthly Ultamate Rewards email statement for the next expiration date. If you are a Platinum or Diamond member, points never expire as long as you maintain Platinum or Diamond status.

What does it mean to be a platinum member at Ulta?

When you spend $500 at Ulta in a calendar year, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Platinum Status program. For every $1 you spend as an Ulta Platinum Status member, you earn 1.25 points, which means your dollar goes further towards earning more points, faster.

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How do I get the most out of Ulta rewards?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ultamate Rewards Membership
  1. Earn free products faster with your Ultamate Rewards membership by using these shopping hacks… …
  2. Save Your Points. …
  3. Stock Up With Bonus Points. …
  4. Use The Ulta Mobile App. …
  5. Shop During Your Birthday Month. …
  6. Qualify For Platinum (Or Diamond!) …
  7. Don’t Forget Cash Back.

Is Ulta or Sephora cheaper?

When it comes to product pricing, Ulta’s high-end brands are just as pricey as the same products at Sephora. However, budget-minded shoppers may appreciate Ulta’s coupons – and its selection of less expensive drugstore beauty staples.

How do you get free samples from Ulta?

A person wishing to obtain full samples or even full-size editions of Ulta products for free may use any one or more of a few approaches.
  1. Visit an Ulta store or go online and register for the Ulta Rewards Program. …
  2. Combine discounts. …
  3. Watch for special promotions. …
  4. Check the clearance section.

Can I use my Ulta points to buy a gift card?

You can purchase an ULTA Gift Card at any ULTA store, online at and, or from authorized retailers. … You cannot use an ULTA Gift Card or eGift Card to purchase other Gift Cards or eGift Cards, and Ultamate Rewards points cannot be redeemed for the purchase of Gift Cards or eGift Cards.

Can I use my Ulta employee discount online?

Can employees use their discounts online? Yes, you connect your number through the app.

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Is Ulta Beauty reliable?

Ulta has a consumer rating of 3.44 stars from 469 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Ulta most frequently mention high end, beauty products and rewards program. Ulta ranks 34th among Skin Care sites.

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