Can you use Revlon gel envy top coat with regular polish??

Will gel top coat work with regular polish?

How to Apply a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Polish. … But before you apply your gel top coat you need to allow your polish to dry completely. I recommend leaving your polish to dry for 4-6 hours before applying the gel top coat.

Can you put a regular nail polish over cured gel base coat and use a gel top coat to finish it off?

Yes, regular nail polish can be sandwiched between gel base and top coat. Sometimes referred to as a “gelly sandwich”, this technique can help a regular nail polish last longer than it would otherwise.

Can I use regular polish with gel base and top coat Reddit?

Regular polish TOTALLY works with gel top coats.

How do you apply gel top coat over regular nail polish?

And the trick is before you put the gel topcoat on. It. Must be completely or almost virtually dry

How do I turn regular nail polish into gel polish?

And the Polish. The website says you might need a tad more polish. If it’s a light color.

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