can you extend rolex warranty?

If you have made a Rolex purchase sometime during the last two years, i.e., between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2015, you are not missing out entirely on this highly noteworthy upgrade either: for watches sold during this period of time, Rolex provides 1 extra year of warranty free of charge, extending the original two

Do Rolex watches have a lifetime warranty?

While we’ve established that Rolex watches are highly durable, they don’t, unfortunately, come with a lifetime warranty. Instead, all watches are covered by an international warranty for a period of 5 years after purchase. The warranty excludes: Wear-and-tear (straps and non-metal bracelets)

How long does Rolex warranty last?

Rolex guarantees the proper functioning of its watches for a period of five years from the date of purchase. The Rolex guarantee excludes normal wear-and-tear (notably the wear-and-tear of non-metal bracelets and straps), loss, theft, or damage due to misuse.

When did Rolex extend their warranty?

Beginning 1 July 2015, the Rolex International Warranty was more than doubled from its current 2-year warranty to a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. So previously, the Rolex warranty was two years, today, it is five years on all watches.

How do I activate my Rolex warranty?

If a retailer has an issue with this phone, they must send it back to Rolex. The activation process of the warranty is simple. The official retailer simply holds the card against the screen, or “sweeps” it over the screen, and then the screen will indicate when it has been successfully activated.

What happens if I buy a stolen Rolex?

If your watch gets stolen or is even just lost, you relay the model number and serial number to the brand. … The brand will seize the watch and return it to its rightful owner.

Can I sell a Rolex without papers?

So to elaborate on the actual question, yes, you can sell your Rolex without the original papers, but almost certainly, you will get less money for it compared to if you would have the original papers. … Rolex will under no circumstances issue a new guarantee card.

How much does it cost to fix a broken Rolex?

The cost to repair a Rolex can range from $100 to over $1,500 depending on the repairs needed, cost of replacement parts, how old the watch is, and other factors. Servicing your Rolex regularly will keep it running smoothly and working properly for decades to come.

Do Rolex watches hold their value?

As a general rule, Rolex sports watches reliably hold or appreciate in value. The most popular sports watches include the Rolex GMT-Master II, the Rolex Daytona, and the Rolex Submariner. … It’s a safe bet to say that Rolex sports watches are likely to increase in value due to them being in such high demand.

How much does it cost to get a Rolex serviced?

How much does it cost to service a Rolex? It costs around $800 to service a Rolex. A normal Rolex overhaul ranges from $600 to $1000 and will vary depending on your model, its condition and the type of service needed.

Does Rolex last a lifetime?

If you do your part, a Rolex should remain in excellent working order for a lifetime of wear. … With ever-improving technologies and high-quality materials, one would expect a modern Rolex to last several lifetimes if properly maintained. If properly maintained, a Rolex watch will last a lifetime.

How do you qualify for a Rolex?

Know Your Qualifications: CCI4* + How Many Are Qualified for…
  1. Score 75.0 or below in dressage.
  2. No jump penalties on cross country.
  3. No more than 90 seconds over optimum time on cross country, which equates to 36.0 time penalties.
  4. Four rails or less in show jumping.

How do I get a Rolex certificate?

The closest you can get to the original Rolex card is a service guarantee. When you service your watch at an authorized Rolex service center, you will get a Rolex international service guarantee card.