can you engrave rolex?

It sounds like common sense, but if you’re about to scratch your cat’s birthday into the back of a Rolex, you might need to hear this. Before you even consider an engraving, first turn your watch over to see if it can be engraved. … You can still get a sapphire case back engraved — but it’s a little bit trickier.

Should you engrave your Rolex?

Most collectors do not want to purchase an engraved watch and this ultimately brings down the resale value of your timepiece. Others will argue that they enjoy the sentimentality and history imbued in the piece but the majority of collectors will say an un-engraved watch is preferable to an engraved one.

Does engraving a Rolex devalue it?

That kind of engraving ups the value of a watch a lot. So, unless you’re planning on being someone really famous, it’s 100% going to affect the resale value. … If it’s machine engraved, you can polish it out.

How much is an engraved Rolex?

A designer is creating customized Rolex watches inspired by gun engravings, starting at $10,000.

Can you sell Rolex without papers?

So to elaborate on the actual question, yes, you can sell your Rolex without the original papers, but almost certainly, you will get less money for it compared to if you would have the original papers. The ideal is of course that you have the box, papers, manual, and other original accessories.

Does a Rolex have engraved on the back?

A real Rolex will almost never have engraving on the back. Engravings on the back almost always mean the watch is a forgery.

How much does engraving cost?

one word, letter, or initial(s) $10 (per item)
designs $3 – $12
single line logo $6
color fill engraving gavoxide $6
color fill engraved logo $9

Can I sell an engraved watch?

As long as there are no initials, names or dates the engraving should not affect the resale value of the watch. It may even appeal to a niche market. The problem with the watch is that it’s a lady’s Quartz designer watch which by definition has a very poor resale value.

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