can rolex bezel be polished?

Short and simple answer is Yes – Rolex automatically polishes watches that come in for service unless the owner specifically tells them not to. There is controversy out there whether or not you should polish or not polish your Rolex.

Can a watch bezel be polished?

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Can you polish a Rolex Fluted Bezel?

Fluted bezels can wear over the years or can be over polished and lose their crisp finish so we are now able to get them recut back to a sharp cut and ‘new’ look to really set off your timepiece.

Can scratches be polished out of a Rolex?

There are few techniques that effectively remove scratches from your used Rolex watch. One way to remove scratches is to use a polishing cloth. It works in both stainless and gold surfaces and is easy to use. … If they are used on the brushed finish (outer-links), the polish will alter and damage the finish.

Can you get scratches out of a watch bezel?

Deep scratches (ones you can stick a nail in) or chips are beyond the reach of home repairs, most small scratches and scuffs can be easily removed. Small scratches can be buffed out using a number of soft abrasive compounds and a little elbow grease, leaving your watch as looking as good as new.

How do you polish a bezel?

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Does polishing a watch devalue it?

This is the primary reason you should not polish your watch. When you polish, you naturally remove layers of the material, in order to make the surface smooth and scratch-free. … Because in this case, the watch will eventually lose its original shape and form, no matter how skilled the watchmaker is.

Is it bad to polish a Rolex?

Some Rolex owners choose to keep the natural marks that they acquire over time, and others choose to polish their Rolex every few years to shine like new. … A slight polish is totally fine, but many forgo Rolex polishing because they like the scratches (or scars) because they tell a story.

How do you tell if Rolex has been polished?

Look at the lug holes

The lug holes should have sharp edges around them and be very precisely cut. When a Rolex is polished over time, the holes lose their sharp edges. If the lug holes are rounded at the edges, your Rolex has likely been polished. The cut should obviously be 90 degrees.

Does polishing a Rolex decrease its value?

As a result, an over-polished vintage Rolex is valued much less than an untouched one in the eyes of many buyers. … So, not only does polishing a watch remove a thin layer of metal but it can also remove a few zeros from the value of the timepiece when it comes to the ultra-collectible vintage Rolex models.

How long does it take to polish a Rolex?

An experienced polisher takes one to three months to adapt to a new metal. Today, some even relish the challenge of satin-finishing tough steel over rendering gleaming nobility to precious 18 ct yellow gold.

How do you buff a Rolex?

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How do I stop my Rolex from scratching?

How to prevent scratching your Rolex
  1. Lay your Rolex onto a soft cloth (or in its original box) when you sleep.
  2. Obviously, avoid any housework or DIY tasks when you’re wearing your Rolex.
  3. Polish the Rolex regularly, with a quality polishing cloth designed for stainless steel.