can mascara expire if unopened?

But if you wonder how long an unopened mascara can last, open it. When an expired but unopened mascara is properly stored, it can still be good up to 2 years. If you open it and feel odd, however, you must not use it and throw it away. It is thick and gloppy or it has changed color.

How long can a tube of unopened mascara last?

It can be hard to find out when sealed, unopened makeup expires since it’s not stamped on the packaging. Generally, if properly stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened and completely sealed makeup should last for 2 to 3 years.

What happens if you use expired mascara?

When you use expired mascaras, eye shadows, or eyeliners, the bacteria can come in contact with your eyes, causing irritation and even serious infections. Old makeup can also affect the skin around your eyes.

How do I know if my mascara is expired?

One at a time, open and check each used mascara for dryness, caking, or funny smells – these are signs that the mascara has expired. Discard all mascara that is excessively dry or too chunky. Discard all mascara that appears old or smells rancid. Discard any mascara that is over six months old.

Why does mascara expire?

The product that goes bad in the shortest amount of time is mascara since bacteria breeds quickly and each use pumps drying air into the tube. Toss after two to three months—or even sooner if you notice it’s getting clumpy or smells weird, says Menzer.

Does mascara really expire?

Mascara. “Mascaras may last up to two years if unused, Rouleau explains. “But a general rule: It’s best to replace yours every three months. … So when you apply mascara and the wand is dipped back into the tube, anything collected on the lashes (bacteria included) will get in.