can a rolex oyster bracelet be tightened?

We can restore and tighten most Rolex bracelets including , Jubilee , Oyster and 18k Presidential and 18k Jubilee bands as well as the older Folded type Stainless Oyster 9315 and US style oval Jubilee . Exisiting pins are either replaced or strengthened and new clasp pins are added to provide an original tighter fit.

How do you tighten Oyster bracelets?

Up both sides of that spring bar depress them and now you can slide it into the next slot. Make sure

Can you tighten Rolex bracelet?

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How can I make my Rolex tighter?

To tighten the clasp, bend the butterfly piece to create more of a curve. To loosen it, flatten the butterfly piece by bending it the opposite direction. Hopefully, this helps create a perfect fit and makes that Rolex clasp feel new again!

Can stretched Rolex band be fixed?

Wear, tear and stretch of your bracelet.

Over time the fit will be loose and you will experience the space between your links will become bigger and bigger. But don’t worry – Rolex Bracelets Repair can fix it!

How do you fit a Rolex bracelet?

The key to a Rolex fitting well is having the watch centered on the wrist with the clasp centered on the bottom of the wrist. Many Rolex wearers move links around (from the 6:00 o’clock side to the 12:00 o’clock side of the clasp), and experiment with different clasp settings in order to get everything centered.

How do you resize a Rolex Jubilee bracelet?

For really cheap. You’ll need a screwdriver. This particular screwdriver is measured at 1 millimeter

How do you adjust a Rolex Oyster Perpetual?

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How do I stop my Rolex bracelet from stretching?

The best way to minimize bracelet stretch is to wear your Rolex tightly so that it doesn’t move around on the wrist too much.

How do you adjust a Rolex GMT bracelet?

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Can you buy Rolex bracelet?


If you’re looking to quickly get a new bracelet, it may cost you a pretty penny. You can take your Rolex bracelet or Tudor bracelet to a dealer to get a replacement. This thing is you have to turn yours in because Rolex doesn’t usually let you keep your original.