American eagle jeans extreme flex slim straight?

What is American Eagle AirFlex jeans?

AirFlex jeans are authentic, using rigid denim thats been treated to offer an unparalleled level of comfort and flexibility that you truly have to feel to believe. … Shop the new AE jeans collection here.

What is American Eagle extreme flex?

Extreme Flex moves with you for comfort that feels better than the rest. High stretch level that keeps its shape. Destroyed with mending details and subtle acid wash. Distressed hem treatment. Our jeans are your canvas.

Are American Eagle AirFlex jeans stretchy?

Most jeans used to have NO STRETCH at all, meaning they were made with 100% cotton denim. You can still get non-stretch jeans at AE, but with our amazing fabric technologies like Ne(X)t Level Flex, AirFlex, and Stretch, you can now get that the vintage-inspired denim look without giving up high-stretch comfort.

What is slim flex fit?

FLEX SLIM – Designed to give you the most versatility available: stretchy denim allows for unequaled range of motion. Also one of the most tapered and skinny jeans in our collection. Slim waist.

What is the difference between Flex and AirFLEX jeans?

Through the legs. And down towards the ankle than the air flex the thing i like best about these

What is next level air flex?

A slimmer version of the classic straight jean. Ne(x)t Level AirFlex. Authentic denim look with flexibility and comfort you have to feel to believe. High stretch level that keeps its shape. The most comfortable jeans you’ve ever worn.

What jeans fit most like American Eagle?

If you’re looking for jeans similar to American Eagle, but made from higher quality denim, Madewell is a must.

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What is the Stretchiest fabric at American Eagle?

The Dream Jean is THE stretchiest, most legging-like jean we offer. Wanna know why they’ve got almost 1,000 five-star reviews and have been called “a literal dream come true”?

What does AE next level mean?

AE Ne(X)t Level Stretch Jeans mean business. … Fits like the Curvy high-waisted jegging, Mom jean, high-waisted skinny jean, slim straight crop &amp, more are the feel-good fits of the year and always look good when worn with your fave AE women’s tops, too.

What is Flex collar?

Flex Collar: Stretches up to half an inch for expandable comfort. Stretch: Fabric stretches and moves with you for extra comfort. Wrinkle Free: Specially treated for less wrinkles and easy care.

What is Banana Republic Grant fit?

Banana Republic shirts sizing – sizes and fits available

Grant Slim Fit – a narrower cut with a two inch taper from the chest to the waist. Compared to the Standard Fit, the Grant Slim Fit is two inches narrower through the chest and three inches narrower through the waist.

What is a stretch collar?

“stretch collar” basically means that they add 1/2 inch to the collar size you order. … So the collar will be loose and not taut (1/2 inch loose). Just to make it more comfortable for you neck. It’s nothing to do with wearing out easily.

Is American Eagle jeans good quality?

AE jeans are very good quality and comfortable, it looks ‘new’ish even after several wash. In last 5 years I have bought jeans from AE or Levi’s. AE jeans are far better compared to Levis’ in terms of comfort and also the cost.

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Are American Eagles jeans good?

The regular American Eagle jeans are pretty good about not losing their shape, but the jeggings are insanely good. … And I really love that they’re about a quarter of the price of my favorite brands like AG jeans or DL1961 and about half of what Madewell runs.

Are American Eagle jeans real denim?

Selvedge and raw also mean (most importantly) we are using some of our most premium, authentic denim. Each pair of jeans is simply cut, sewn, and delivered to you as is.

What’s the difference between slim fit and slim straight?

Another big difference is that the term “straight fit” only describes the pants’ legs, while slim-fit is a style that describes the whole garment. … For instance, you might find a pair of slim-straight cut jeans with a tight seat and thighs and straight legs that do not taper.

What does Flex mean in jeans?

Flex jeans are jeans that have a small bit of stretch material (usually spandex or elastane) mixed in with the cotton denim to produce jeans that are much more flexible than regular 100% cotton denim jeans. The amount of stretch material added to the fabric is small, usually in the 1-4% range.

What is hyper stretch jeans?

HyperStretch truly represents the next generation of stretch denim. With a proprietary fabrication that allows for high recovery, lift and hold, this denim is the ultimate representation of denim ingenuity. … HyperStretch denim is available in a range of warp colors, blends and washes.